Car crashing into another car

Can I drive after a car crash? 

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Being in a crash is stressful for all involved, we understand it can be tempting to continue driving your car… And deal with the ramifications later.

However, driving a damaged car can cause more financial stress in the long run. 

Including the endangerment of you and innocent bystanders without getting your car checked. 

We sympathise that it’s a lot to go through, to lighten the burden we have created a checklist below. 

Take your foot off the gas and check before you put the pedal to the metal.

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Car Crash Safety Check

  1. The most important step is to make sure everyone in the accident is safe and out of harm’s way. 
  2. Call your local emergency line to report the accident, Australia’s is 000.
  3. Exit your car if: there is smoke, fire, a burning smell or any danger present inside the car.
  4. Do not exit your car if: you’re on a busy highway or a dangerous aggressor is outside. 
  5. Stop and Breathe, panicking is natural and takes time to recover mentally, we are here for you.

Car Crash Insurance 

It is important to gather information for your insurance provider, especially if you weren’t the one at fault. (Important- don’t say sorry if you weren’t as this is admitting fault.)

  1. Gather details from the other driver. 

Note down their name, phone number, car registration details, insurance information and drivers licence number. 

In return, you should also give them your information to assist them with their car claim.

  1. Gather contact information from witnesses. 
  2. Take pictures of the accident to provide proof.
  3. Call your insurance provider.

When you choose MPSR this stage is easy, as we make your claim for you!

Car Safety Check

Now that your safety is covered it is time to make sure your car is too. 

This is where we come in 🙂

  • Call our friendly team on 1300 466 777 to arrange a free tow truck.
  • We will then check your car and make arrangements to get it back to you good as new!
  • Choose one of our loan cars as an interim to get you where you need to go.

Importance of Car Safety Check

  • Driving your vehicle after a car accident can actually cause more damage i.e tyres worn out, electrical damage. 
  • You can get fined or jail time due to this irresponsibility, especially if someone is injured.
  • This negligence can lead to the insurance company refusing to cover repairs and hospital bills.  

Crashing Conclusion

Driving your damaged car is dangerous and can cause serious hardship. 

We look after you from the start with towing and loan car services, from minor and major smash repairs to the end with insurance claims.
Call 1300 GO MPSR now!

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