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With MPSR smash repairs taking anywhere between 24-hours and 10 days, it’s important to know where you stand!

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I’m At Fault

We know how stressful the situation can be, when you’ve had an accident and unfortunately you were at fault. When you have the stress paying for both parties involved, MPSR are here to support you in getting back on the road –quickly and safely.

Let MPSR take the stress away, by helping you to deal with insurance companies, assessing damage, ordering quality discounted parts and ensuring quality service throughout.

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Not at fault

You weren’t prepared but unfortunately you were involved in an accident which wasn’t your fault. With a combined 90 years of smash repair experience, stress-less knowing that you are in safe hands with MPSR.

Let us take care of you every step of the way, starting with creating a quote, helping you deal with your insurance, and getting you back on the road as hassle-free as possible.

Expected Waiting Times

To guarantee quick turnaround, it's essential for customers to schedule a booking and qualify under the scope of work as described below:

Minor smash repairs

(24-hours to 3 Days) - Minor Repairs

  • Side Mirror Replacement
  • Paint-less Dent Removal
  • Repainting (small)
  • Windscreen Replacement
  • Glass Replacement
  • Aircon Re-gas
  • Minor Bumper Bar Repairs
  • Minor Service
  • Pink Slip
  • Road Testing/Wheel Alignment
  • Computer Resetting
  • Tire Replacement
  • Broken Light Replacement
  • Paint Wheel Repair
  • Replacement of Front & Rear Bar
  • Door Handle Repair/Replacement
  • 1-3 Panels Superficial Cosmetic Damage
  • 1-3 panels Minor Damage Repairs
Structural smash repairs

(3 to 5 Days) - Medium Repairs

  • Bolted Panel Replacement with Blends
  • 1 panel with Significant Damage Plus Blend
  • Substantial Damage Repair Work on up to 4 Panels

(5 to 10 Business Days) - Large Repairs

  • Complete Re-spray
  • Welded Panel Replacement & Blend
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