More than just an apprenticeship

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More Than Just an Apprenticeship

spray painting apprenticeship

Spray Painting Apprenticeship

Discover the art and science of vehicle aesthetics in our Refinishing Technician Apprenticeship. This program covers everything from preparation, basic colour theory and mixing to advanced techniques in applying finishes.

You’ll work with the latest technology in paint-matching and application, ensuring that every vehicle you touch is a testament to your skill and attention to detail. This apprenticeship doesn’t just teach you to paint; it trains you to bring cars back to their showroom glory.

Frame Straightening

Panel Technician Apprenticeship

The panel-technician apprenticeship at MPSR is a deep dive into the heart of vehicle bodywork. From assessing damage to restoring vehicles to their original condition, you’ll learn the intricacies of metalwork, body filling, and structural alignment.

Using state-of-the-art tools and equipment, you’ll gain hands-on experience in transforming damaged vehicles back to their pre-accident state, ensuring safety and quality in every repair.

A Career, Not Just a Job

Choosing where to start your apprenticeship is a crucial decision that shapes your future career.
At MPSR, we are the premier choice for aspiring automotive professionals. Here’s why:
Frame Straightening

Commitment to Excellence

Our workshops are equipped with the latest tools and technology, ensuring you learn with the best resources at your disposal. We adhere to the highest standards of quality and safety, ensuring the skills you learn are relevant and respected industry-wide.
Our Vision & Values

Experienced & Supportive Mentors

Our team comprises industry veterans with years of experience. You get to learn from the best, gaining insights that only come from real-world experience. Our mentors provide personalised guidance, helping you develop your strengths and overcome challenges.
hands on learning

Real-World, Hands-On Learning

Learning is not confined to textbooks. You’ll be working on actual vehicles, facing real challenges, and making tangible contributions from day one. Every day brings new learning opportunities, from working on the latest car models, including EVs, to understanding customer service and workshop management.
Family Run Business

Pathways to Career Growth

We don’t just train you for a job; we prepare you for a career. Our apprentices have become industry leaders and innovators. We supports continuous professional development, offering opportunities for further training, certifications, and specialisation.
support and inclusion

A Culture of Support and Inclusion

MPSR prides itself on its inclusive and supportive community. We’re a team and a family supporting each other’s growth and success. Your well-being is our priority. We ensure a healthy work-life balance and support your professional and personal development.
Networking and industry connections

Networking and Industry Connections

Apprentices at MPSR get unique opportunities to connect with industry leaders, participate in events, and build an invaluable professional network for future career advancement, being associated with a brand that is respected and recognised in the automotive industry.

Partners we work with

Real-World Experience

Both apprenticeships offer extensive hands-on experience supervised by our team of seasoned professionals. You’ll learn in a real-world setting, working on actual vehicles and facing the diverse challenges that come with every new job. Our workshops are equipped with the latest tools and technology, providing you with a learning environment that mirrors the cutting-edge developments in the automotive industry.

Personal and Professional Growth

Beyond technical skills, MPSR apprenticeships focus on your personal and professional development. We believe in building well-rounded professionals, so you’ll also gain skills in customer service, teamwork, problem-solving, and adaptability – all essential qualities for a successful career in any field.

Join our apprenticeship program at MPSR and take the first step towards a career that’s both rewarding and exciting. Here, your potential is limitless.